Most insurance policies do cover massage therapy as long as it is medically necessary. In order to prove the treatment is medically necessary to the insurance company requires we must have a prescription from either a doctor or chiropractor with a diagnosis code, a number of allow visits and a duration of the treatments, valid on the day of your visit.

Please note:

  • Co-payments are due at time of service
  • Call us to find out if your plan covers massage therapy

Auto Injury (PIP)

A car accident is not only a devastating event but it can be physically detrimental to our bodies. It can harm our everyday life by limiting our normal daily activities. It is very important to take care of an acute injury right away, instead of living with the pain and discomfort until it becomes disabling. We will handle all the billing for you so you can concentrate on your healing we will just need the following:

  • Claim #, claim adjustors name & phone number
  • Prescription from your Physician or Chiropractor